Virgil van Dijk ‘slow and clumsy’ in English media, Domino’s Pizza mocks Darwin Nunez |  sports

Virgil van Dijk ‘slow and clumsy’ in English media, Domino’s Pizza mocks Darwin Nunez | sports

with videoVirgil van Dijk received a lot of criticism after Liverpool’s performance in the first leg against Brentford. The struggling club got on 3-1 defeat Another big blow. Substitute Van Dijk, who had gone to the side with hamstring complaints, was designated a scapegoat.

In the daily Mail Van Dijk conceded 4.5 for his play in the first half. Virgil van Dijk looked slow and clumsy. “He was one of the substitutes,” the newspaper wrote. the sun He was ruthless, too: “No ego was hurt more than that of Virgil van Dijk – once hailed as the best defender in the world, only to be taken out at half-time by Klopp, who made three substitutions at half-time in a desperate attempt to keep his team alive.” Recovering from a dreaded first half.

liverpool echo He rated the Dutchman’s performance 5. “He didn’t look comfortable.” can there Standard evening find themselves in it. “He was easily beaten a few times on the left side of the defence, so his substitution in the first half came as no surprise.”

Mental monsters

Writes “Farewell to Mental Monsters” The telegraph. Liverpool were harassed and tactically overrun by Brentford. What’s wrong with Liverpool? closed there times joins. “Liverpool really can’t make a mistake anymore. They now have to pick themselves up to battle it out for the coveted place in the top four.

Virgil Van Dyck. © ANP / EPA

liverpool echo He thinks Liverpool should be happy that Cody Jacobo is on his way to playing minutes at the top club. The 23-year-old striker was transferred from PSV this winter, but was not part of the selection of the match. His arrival would at least provide something to end the suffering, but signing a quality midfielder is still essential. This has been clear for months.

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Jamie Carragher, who was a Sky Sports analyst, opined that Liverpool had the most ball possession. However, the top club received three hits. I don’t know if assistant coach Pepin Leanders has any influence in this matter. Perhaps this is the Dutch way of thinking, always wanting to have possession of the ball. But opponents may also be better at responding to them.”

Darwin Nunez

The UK manager of Domino’s Pizza Twitter account is not a fan of Darwin Núñez. The Uruguay striker from Liverpool has been under fire for some time and flared up again on Monday after Nunez missed some of his chances in the first leg against Brentford.

“Sorry if we missed some orders tonight, this boy working here for the first time tonight,” Domino’s Pizza UK tweeted Monday night, along with a picture of the Uruguayan footballer. Nunez came from Benfica, Portugal, last summer for 80 million euros. He has scored five goals in the Premier League this season, but has failed to score in his last three matches.

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