Viola Holt thinks she's magnetized after coming into contact with the vaccine

Viola Holt thinks she’s magnetized after coming into contact with the vaccine

Do you become magnetized after vaccination? In fact, if you have come into contact with someone who has been vaccinated? Viola Holt (71) thinks so. The introduction took to Facebook yesterday to share her experience, she has hugged two vaccinated people and is now magnetized. Not so long ago Twitter sat on top of it.

Holt has since deleted the post, but as soon as something appeared on the internet… it showed her describing her “magnetic experience”. “A friend I haven’t seen in a long time came over for coffee. She takes a nail scissors out of her purse and puts it on her chest. To my surprise, the scissors stick. Violin, I’m magnetic,” she says.

Little spoiler: This “magnetic effect” is probably caused by sweat (or sunburn). Moisture makes your skin a little stickier. Rub some talcum powder on your arm first and try again. There’s a good chance your key, spoon, or fridge magnet will fall off your arm.

Magnetic after vaccination

But Holt didn’t understand that, because she and her friend didn’t. vaccination. She also tries it with her own scissors and it sure sticks. However, the presenter knows what is going on. The magnetic effect is ‘contagious’, as I’ve embraced a few vaccinated people.

She writes: “I once watched a video showing this in people who have been vaccinated.” There are those who say that the vaccinator can infect the unvaccinated. Well, I only hugged two people who were vaccinated, otherwise kept a safe distance. I do not judge, but I do not understand. strange isn’t it? “

Viola Holt

Now people are turning to Twitter to share their “magnetic experience” as well. For example, Nico Dijkshoorn shares a note: “Four months with 158 cutlery on your forehead.”

Elderly people in the Netherlands are now largely vaccinated. But now, according to a Twitter fan, there’s another issue: sticking to a lamppost.


But there are also advantages to such a vaccine: for example, you will never lose your keys again.

It’s almost kind of a superpower:

Summer vacation looks better again: Germany, Italy and Austria icon yellow رمز

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Viola Holt thinks she’s magnetized after touching a vaccination – Twitter makes fun of her

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