Vijnand Thomassen on an Innovation Journey with a Crawl Bike |  Borneveld newspaper

Vijnand Thomassen on an Innovation Journey with a Crawl Bike | Borneveld newspaper

Bornwealth Overflowing clay fields from the United States are also gaining popularity in the Netherlands. Not surprisingly, on a gravel bike you enjoy both the benefits of cycling and mountain biking. Barnevelder Vijnand Thomassen (53) has been a fan since the beginning.

‘There is a gap between gravel cycling and mountain biking,’ says Vijnand succinctly. ‘With the gravel bike you can ride through the woods and on unpaved roads, but you can cover longer distances than the mountain bike.’

Sporty bikes From his teenage years, Vijnand was mainly seen on his racing bike and later on the mountain bike. Until he was introduced to the Crawl bike by a friend and decided to buy one for himself at the Het2Wielerhuis in Bornwell where he was a regular customer.

‘Het2Wielerhuis is known here as an expert in the field of sporty cycling and you notice they really understand it,’ he explains. She regularly visits the store for a wide range of clothing and jewelry. And the service is good; If I hear any noise or noise, I drive and it will be resolved in a little while.

tour Last year, his eye fell on the BMC brand black gravel bike at a showroom in Galilee. Two weeks later, the architect decided to go on the road for a week with his new addition. With Camper he traveled from Italy to Limburg, through the French Alps and the Black Forest in Germany – where he certainly cycled the required kilometers. ‘I wanted to leave for a week. Discovering new areas by bike is the best way to clear my head. ‘

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‘You can find more beautiful ways with a gravel bike than with a racing bike,’ he continues. ‘If it gets dirty, you don’t have to turn around and just keep driving. That way we can go to beautiful places. ‘

The Italian Asta Valley was the highlight of his trip. Fact: Barnevelder climbed the mountain almost 2000 meters. ‘It was also wonderful at the foot of Mont Blanc; I was alone and it was completely quiet. That’s my final relaxation. ‘

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