Viewers Massa is a painful witness who flirts with his son Mark's work

Viewers Massa is a painful witness who flirts with his son Mark’s work

On the December 27 broadcast, his son Mark tells his story for the first time after he went to their Prinsenmeer holiday park in Ommel last November. She was violently attacked by three men. “It’s no different,” he says, with thick black eyes. “I think I have 500 tickets, and that makes me feel good.”

If he ever wants to hit a girl again, according to his fellow non-tactical, he’d better keep his sunglasses, although that doesn’t stop him. Fans of the reality series see how Mark makes several attempts to get the phone number of a girl behind the table, but she just laughs uncomfortably.

Speaking of discomfort – no, we’re not talking about the dance moves of the heads of the family – Peter and Nicole did not sit still either, because the castle needs a complete overhaul and that’s why the mean Bianca comes to exorcise ghosts. And this smell not only smells of old musty, but also smells like money. A scent familiar to Peter. And what are they spending all that hard-earned money on? Well, Christmas decorations for example.

The Gillies family: The block is the cashier See you every Monday at 20:30 on SBS6. Watch the Monday night episode here back.

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