Viewers admired the period Daphne at Kamp van Koningsbrugge

Viewers admired the period Daphne at Kamp van Koningsbrugge

The moment candidates are allowed to sit back after a hard ride, it’s time for what’s called a “listening stop.” During this leg, it is important that participants take in the nature around them well. Meanwhile, Special Forces Ray delivers his speech and his colleague Dai notices something: Daphne appears to be emotional. “Daphne, what does this do to you?” Dai asks. The former soccer star explains that the whole situation touches her emotionally. “It’s in my heart. It’s so cool, but it’s also hard. It’s a thing together. If you get such a talk here, it’ll come.” Daphne also says this task is very difficult for her today: “So you also have your period and it comes even harder.” .”

Viewers admire Daphne and think it’s brave enough to mention her role. One viewer wrote: “Nice how Daphne talks about menstruation.” Other scenes “don’t even think of carrying a 20lb backpack and a 3lb tampon” between her legs. This person also thinks Daphne’s efforts during the mission are pretty clever: ‘Daphne who mentioned she was still menstruating and went on without squeaking with those twenty kilos on her back! Daphne, you are a woman of authority!

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