View cinema hall and space museum moon launch

View cinema hall and space museum moon launch

Sciences28 August 22, 10:21author: AP

If you want to see how a new spacecraft begins its maiden voyage to the Moon on Monday, you can do so via live broadcasts from NASA (US) and ESA (Europe). They streamed all their launches online. But people can gather in several places in the Netherlands to follow the launch live.

Artemis 1, heading to the moon on Monday. (Anadolu Agency)

Omniversum in The Hague is showing the launch in its big cinema. The images were displayed on the wall of the dome, covering an area of ​​840 square meters. At the Space Museum the space exhibition in Noordwijk, there will also be an afternoon about the flight to the moon on Monday. her name Monday I got. Experts from the European Space Agency, the Dutch space organization NSO and space company Airbus Nederland, among others, will speak about their contribution to the mission. Airbus designed and built solar panels for the lunar rover in Leiden. They provide electricity on board.

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The United States, with help from Europe and Canada, has been working on the new spacecraft for years. It should take people to the moon and back in a few years, for the first time since 1972. An unmanned flight will begin on Monday to test all systems. The launch was planned for somewhere between 14:33 and 16:33 Dutch time. If it doesn’t work out, there are a few options to leave at the beginning of September. After launch, the capsule flies to the moon and orbits it several times. Then he must return to Earth. About six weeks after takeoff, the ship must sink safely into the Pacific Ocean in a controlled manner.

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