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The first PlayStation 5 without a drive, which was released recently, has a much smaller heatsink than the launch model. This explains the difference in weight of 300 grams. According to a comparison by YouTuber Austin Evans, this makes the new model a lot warmer.

A short test comparing Evans’ heat on the back of the new PlayStation 5 digital version to the previous model shows that the new revision with the smaller heatsink gets about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius warmer. Consumption and noise production are almost the same.

According to Evans, Sony uses a slightly better fan in the new model, but it can’t compensate for the much smaller heatsink. The new revision also has two instead of four WiFi antennas and a WiFi chip with a different number. The implications of this change are not yet clear.

Evans acquired the new model of PlayStation 5 from Japan; It’s about CFI-1100B Review, which he compares to the CFI-1015B. Both units are digital driveless versions. The custom console is already on sale in Australia and expected to roll out worldwide, as is common with console reviews.

PlayStation 5 version numbers are on the box, but Sony uses different numbers in different parts of the world. There is also Implementation of CFI-1102A, with a new foot screw, so that it can be installed without a screwdriver.

For now, it has only been confirmed that the CFI-1100B version has the smaller radiator. It is not known if Sony will also implement the changes with more expensive models with drives. It is clear that Sony will implement the modification on all PlayStation 5 consoles. The smaller heatsink ensures lower production costs.

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It is common for manufacturers to release revisions with changes over the life of the console. The fact that Sony mods the cooling capacity of the PlayStation 5 is amazing. PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro have been known to be annoying consoles due to poor cooling. The PlayStation 5 also makes more noise in its original configuration than the Xbox Series X.

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