Victoria Kublenko apologizes for her haircut |  Entertainment

Victoria Kublenko apologizes for her haircut | Entertainment

The photo was taken four years ago for a campaign on women’s empowerment. He writes, “The hairdresser was braiding me beautifully at the time” Victoria. “What I didn’t know at the time, more than the hairdresser himself (of Surinamese origin) is that these braids specifically can hurt black women deeply. Cornrows From Cannerose Refers to a past of slavery and oppression. I learned that last year.

While the actress has always seen braids as a way to break the language barrier on her travels through Africa, she has now discovered that she is “ in the intense pain that these women were supposed to cover for years. ” “for this reason you did not Wearing this hairstyle for white people regardless of whether they want to express their appreciation and inspiration. I posted this old photo 10 days ago without thinking about this delicacy. This is a blind spot. It was the only picture I could find on my phone with brown hair, but that’s no excuse for the blind spot, because I should have known zeitgeist. Braids can not bear. My sincere apologies to the people who were dragged by this. “

As she put it, the actress did not receive much criticism for the picture, but the comment impressed her. Even if there is only one comment under the photo that this is a cultural appropriation. it was right. You cannot smell that it is an old photo, taken at a time when there was no open nerve for this phenomenon. “

Two followers asked the artist to remove the message from her page. However, she does not intend to remove the shot. “I think there should be more space for this sound. I try to make this space by not removing this image. If this image disappears, no one will learn from it,” she concludes.

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