Viaplay keeps throwing money and buying sports rights again

Viaplay keeps throwing money and buying sports rights again

Viaplay Group has once again spent big to acquire broadcast rights from a commercial broadcaster. This time it comes to shares in the UK.

Jacob Creek

November 10, 2022

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Viaplay It has been available as a streaming service in the UK since November 1. The Swedish parent company acquired the broadcast rights through the purchase of the linear sports channel Premier Sports. As a result, all the qualifiers for the European and World Championships of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, along with matches from other European countries, can be seen on the British Viaplay show. Nations League matches and friendly matches for the country’s national teams also belong to this package of rights, which consist of more than a thousand matches in total. In addition, LaLiga and many other sports such as rugby, athletics, hockey and ice hockey can be watched on the UK streaming service.


Viaplay has now added darts to this group of sports. The Viaplay Group bought the broadcast rights for the PDC European Tour for the next five years. These are thirteen three-day tournaments that are played in European countries. The major darts tournaments, played under the PDC banner in the UK and outside Europe, will continue to be watched on Sky Sports for the time being. Viaplay acquires the rights package from British commercial channel ITV. In the Netherlands, among other countries, Viaplay owns the full set of rights to all PDC courses.

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