Viaplay expands the offer with hayu . content

The new streaming service Viaplay will expand its offer with hayu content. The new streaming service will start on March 1. This message is the owner of the streaming service, Nordic Entertainment Group In a press release


The live streaming service Viaplay will start on Tuesday 1 March and will, among other things, broadcast races from Formula 1. In addition, the service offers other sports such as football and darts. Movies and series will also be streamed on the service.


The hayu show will be part of the Viaplay subscription starting March 1. hayu from NBCUniversal is aimed at a large group of reality TV fans. Hayu offers more than 8000 episodes of more than 200 reality series. The majority of episodes can often be watched in Holland on the day of the premiere in America.


Hayu offers series like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its affiliates, or franchises The Real Housewives and Million Dollar List, Under Deck and Made in Chelsea. Earlier, the new streaming service had already made agreements with Starzplay.

By the way, hayu can also be purchased as a separate service in the Netherlands and the service is also available as an additional Amazon Prime video channel. The cost of the service is 5.99 euros per month.


The new streaming service Viaplay will be available starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1. The service can also be purchased from providers such as Ziggo and KPN, which also includes an introductory discount.
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