Verstappen criticized the bumps in the US circuit: “I think it goes a long way”

For now, Max Verstappen is looking back with a good sense of racing weekend in the United States. Red Bull made a good impression, especially in the second and third free exercises, when Verstappen was able to record the fastest time in the last training session, although it was reduced due to track limitations. As a result, Sergio Perez will have to set a fast time for the second time this weekend.

‘Yes, I feel better’, Verstappen compares the first two free training sessions to the third training and vice versa Zigo Sports. ‘Of course we had a very quick time, but I went a little wider there. But usually the speed is a bit high. It remains to be seen how strong Mercedes will be. I don’t know how much leftovers they have on the bike. ‘

Verstappen sees many differences in the three fields

In the Circuit of the Americas, drivers are asked a lot in three categories, where there are many differences. “That’s absolutely true,” Verstappen says. “Obviously the car operates differently in fast corners, slower corners and straight, which is why you sometimes see that some cars may go a little better in other parts of the circuit.”

What is particularly noteworthy is that there are many bumps in the path. “In that first field it was pretty scary,” Verstappen said. “I do not think it’s wrong to have some bumps like the roundabout, but I think it will go a long way. Absolutely for the material, but also for your back. I do not want to know what the bike will look like. No, I hope they will fix this.”

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‘I think you always wanted to start in a middle band’

To qualify, drivers need to see if they qualify for the yellow belt, ‘so we hope, we’ll see.’, Verstappen raises expectations. “I don’t think it’s good to start with a soft tire. I think you’ll always wanted to start in a medium band, so I hope you see some people trying it out.”

It is noteworthy that Sergio Perez has made a strong appearance for the time being before the Grand Prix of the United States. The Mexican finished second and third free training fast. ‘Well, this is good for the team,’ said Verstappen. “You have to have two cars in the front, especially now that at the end of the championship it is very important that we fight with two cars in the front.”

Verstappen expects a first-row start

Shortly before qualifying, Verstappen will have to see if he can claim the front row of the phase in a circuit that is generally very special to Mercedes. However, Verstappen has some confidence after a good final workout. ‘It’s hard to say. Of course I hope we can be at the forefront of the stage anyway, but it depends on where Mercedes left off ‘, Verstappen concludes.

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