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Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb stated that EA Motive is already working on a remake of Dead Space, which has also been rumored before. At the same time, there are also some activities on the Dead Space YouTube channel.

Grubb stelt He can “confirm parts” of previous rumor posts Eurogamer door in Gematsu. Grubb doesn’t mention what his sources are in it, but the guy often comes up with correct information about unannounced games.

Grubb goes on to say that the remake “uses the original game as a strong foundation” but “maybe” also take in new gameplay elements from other parts of the franchise. The graphics are of course “modern”.

EA is said to have been persuaded to make a remake in Dead Space due to the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, another single-player game from the publisher, and the success of the Resident Evil remake, from rival Capcom. These are not only single player games, but also horror games, just like Dead Space.

VentureBeat asked EA for a response, but received no response. However, there is a voice from the official angle: The Dead Space YouTube channel has changed its profile picture. This was the Dead Space 3 logo, but it was changed to a close-up of art box From Dead Space 2. Dat Note committed fans. Based on, it can be argued that this happened sometime in the past few months.

EA will be holding the EA Play Show on July 22nd. There may be more about this alleged version. EA didn’t have its own presentation at E3 this year, so it probably still has a lot to talk about.

Dead Space 1, 2008
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