Vegetarian eating reduces the risk of sleep apnea – Job

Vegetarian eating reduces the risk of sleep apnea – Job

FullereneFebruary 21, 2024 – 10:00

The title of this article is actually different from what is stated in the first sentence. The entire study appears to rely on participants' self-reporting of their diet. Article conclusion: “Higher adherence to a healthy PDI is associated with a lower risk of sleep apnea, while an unhealthy vegetarian diet has a positive association. The magnitude of these associations varies by gender. Further longitudinal studies are warranted.” So there are differences based on gender. The article explains that they did not use much of the available data, but they did not mention the reasons why they did not use the rest of the available data. This is striking, to say the least. There are many ambiguities and questionable parts in their methodology. This article appears to be one of many published to meet the quota.

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Jan ManFebruary 21, 2024 – 12:43

I think it's a well-done study on the effects of certain foods. You must understand that you cannot treat people like laboratory animals, so nutritional research is always a matter of guesswork. This research is also in line with previous studies that have shown that a plant-based diet has significant health benefits.

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