Van der Meege finds himself in Mary Magdalene: “I have taken the spiritual path” |  right Now

Van der Meege finds himself in Mary Magdalene: “I have taken the spiritual path” | right Now

at The passion Kim Lien van der Meig was seen briefly as Maria Magdalena, but in the new Rise of passion From KRO-NCRV it even plays the leading role. In a conversation with, the actress said that she recognizes herself in her character in many ways. “I made spiritual awakening all along,” says van der Meege.

the desire It was just an introduction to my character, and then I only sang one little song. only through Rise of passion May Mary Magdalene really shine,” says van der Meege.

The concept is the same: the story is told through familiar scenes, songs, and a narrator. Just the live event is not added to it. “You can see it as a musical feature film.”

About Ad The Rise of passion There were some critical voices. Is this necessary, again passion Shortly after the other broadcast? Van der Meege thinks there is a need. “If you love the desire You will love this too. Plus, a lot of people are curious about the story behind it, I think. Almost everyone is free that day, but many people don’t know why. These people can discover what it means to ascend and why we are actually celebrating it.”

Van der Meege, who was not raised as a Christian, was unaware of the story of the Ascension and Mary Magdalene. “That is why I immediately began researching the figure of Mary Magdalene. Over the centuries, many different stories about her have circulated, and not all were equally positive. At that time, she was a loving, yet completely elusive and mysterious woman. She made false marks. I offended her. However, Mary Magdalene always stuck to her own feelings. Then she gets even more admiration for such a strong woman, especially at that time.”

Christianity would have looked different without Mary Magdalene

“It’s a good example of: You shouldn’t judge someone too quickly and keep believing in yourself if you feel like you’re being underestimated,” van der Meege continues.

“Mary was a key figure in the resurrection of Jesus. He said to her: If I die, I will rise again in three days. Everyone lost their faith after his crucifixion and was full of grief and despair, but Mary Magdalene always remained self-confident. She continued to convince others that she spoke and saw Jesus. And that he continues to proclaim his message even though he is no longer physically there. Mary Magdalene encountered great resistance, also from the disciples. But she still attracted the Carr, very wonderful. If she did not, Christianity might have looked very different.”

From left to right: Soya Kron (Jesus), Nortje Herler (Maria) and van der Meg as Mary Magdalene.

From left to right: Soya Kron (Jesus), Nortje Herler (Maria) and van der Meg as Mary Magdalene.

From left to right: Soya Kron (Jesus), Nortje Herler (Maria) and van der Meg as Mary Magdalene.

picture: Sander Mulkins

“I’ve learned to accept this feeling of insecurity”

Van der Meij can handle the inner conflict of her character very well. She sings about it in one of her solo songs: She cries but smiles from the moon.

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“Marie Magdalena was decisive, but she was also hers struggles king. She doubted herself and did not know if she could convince people, because she already had the image of a confused woman with psychological problems. This lack of confidence is recognizable; Sometimes I doubt who I am and what I believe in,” says van der Meege.

“But the recognition also lies in the fact that you can’t explain some things with your mind. I’ve also taken this spiritual path in recent years as I work on how we relate to a higher power.”

So Van der Meij isn’t necessarily religious, but she says she made a spiritual awakening by. She says, “I never believed in Jesus, but I struggled with the institutional side of the church and the Bible. I feel more connected to the energy of the universe and you could call that God.”

“I believe that trust in a higher power essentially arises when a foundation in your life disappears. In my case, it was our emigration to Sweden with the family. As wonderful as it was, you still left your country and started something new. I no longer had a stable TV contract to lean on and no longer I have friends and family around me. All that was certain is gone. How do you deal with that?”

“I’ve found that it doesn’t matter where you are and what external factors are, as long as your base is balanced on the inside,” the actress says. “In Swedish nature, I learned to accept this uncertainty and to trust blindly in the unknown. Since then, such nice things have come my way and I know: I don’t need certainty to create certainty.”

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Rise of passion It will air on NPO1 on Thursday, May 26 at 8.30pm on KRO-NCRV.

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