Van Aert loves to bike in the snow for the Olympics: 'I've already done it'

Van Aert loves to bike in the snow for the Olympics: ‘I’ve already done it’

Wout van Aert is now clearer in his mind about what he will do next season. in conversation with latest news The Belgian tells that spring will be the most important on the way for him and Jumbo Visma. And what about cyclocross? Van Aert is not sure yet.

Van Aert made his remarks Sunday at a party at the Herentals, where he was highlighted after a fantastic year. “This week I looked at the calendar for next year with team management. The classics are the first big target. We have an idea of ​​how to approach that,” it remains a bit ambiguous.

The question, of course, for weeks has been whether Van Aert will ride the cyclocross world championships in Fayetteville. Will he travel to America or will he skip the World Cup to better prepare for the road? “If I let my heart speak, I would definitely go to the United States for the World Cup. I want to, because I love to cross and because I want to win the world champion shirt. But there are so many goals in a season that I have to choose.

Van Aert shows himself as a true enthusiast

Passionate about it all, Van Aert continues: “If I had let my heart speak, I wouldn’t have been on vacation and would have already raced.” He notes that in principle he does not miss an episode on TV and that he enjoys what he sees. It also commends plans to make the Olympics cyclo-cross by going cross-country in the snow. “Snow cross is possible. I’ve already done it. It would mean a huge restart for cyclocross. The federations usually have very little money for non-Olympic sports. If that money was there, the pool would expand.”

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