Valve releases a fix for joystick drifting on Steam Deck – Games – News

Well, I don’t know what the dead zone is, but if I have to guess it’s some kind of fictional surface where joystick movements aren’t recorded, it’s a programmatic thing to make sure there’s a bit more tolerance in the initial position of the analog joystick.
Apparently a software engineer at Steam assumed that the original dead zone size would be sufficient. But it is clear that the actual factory reality is that the joystick, as the default sleep position, is outside the dead zone, thus recording the movements.

So there is a mismatch between the actual state of the hardware and the assumptions made about it apparently in the software.

I call this a defect and also a hardware issue because it seems that the tolerances that were previously good are now suddenly no longer.

Perhaps there was a much higher quality on Steam Decks that Steam software engineers used to develop?
Or is there really wear on the production machines?
I don’t find the reason in any way interesting, it should just work out of the box.

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