Valve discontinued development of the Artifact card game and is making it free to play – games – news

Valve discontinued development of the digital card game Arifact. Both the classic version and the reboot the studio has been working on, which the company is now calling Artifact Foundry, will be available for free but won’t receive any further updates anymore.

The valve has been reported To be satisfied with achieving the goals you set for the development of Artifact 2.0 also known as Artifact Foundry, but this reboot also did not get the number of players required to justify further development. With that said, Valve is pulling the plug from developing the Dota 2 card game.

The first release of Artifact appeared in 2018 and according to Valve, this game sold well at first, but soon the number of players dropped dramatically. A year ago, the company A. Great restart From the game to change this and then it seemed like the release wouldn’t be long in coming. After that it remained silent for a long time and now the development has stopped.

Due to its “community value,” Valve makes both versions of the game available for free. Technically speaking, Artifact Foundry is an unfinished, but essentially finished, product art The studio said the base game is missing yet. ”The games will no longer receive updates anyway, players will no longer be able to purchase cards, and the market has been removed from the classic edition. Paid cards have been converted into a collector’s version.

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