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Battlefield Seattle Studio is looking for a file design manager In the upcoming Battlefield game. The relatively new studio Electronic Arts is looking for an experienced person to fill the vacancy who can shape the game’s single player campaign.

The target employee must make sure that the unannounced Battlefield innovates in the single-player field, and is capable of In the text of the vacancy† “You will be the Director of the Design Team and develop a vision for a new Battlefield campaign. The work involves coordinating the design of the mission, story, and gameplay mechanics to ensure the highest quality possible.”

It’s not clear from the job posting text what exactly Battlefield is all about. DICE says it’s working Exclusively for Battlefield 2042 and has no “time” for other projects within the franchise. It’s only clear that one of the upcoming Battlefield games will include a single-player campaign, but it’s still unclear if this is part of a classic Battlefield title with single and multiplayer gameplay, or a standalone story game.

The developer in question, Battlefield Seattle Studio, Founded at the end of 2021 To work on new Battlefield experiences. The studio is led by Vince Zampella, co-founder of Call of Duty flagship Infinity Ward. After leaving this studio, he co-founded Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order creator Respawn Entertainment. In addition, former Halo manager Marcus Leto works for the Seattle company.

DICE is currently working on Battlefield 2042 only, while the already established Battlefield Seattle Studio is working on a new project.
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