Utrecht wants to sack a professor for his offensive behaviour

Illustration: Julian van Zouteven

A professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Utrecht has been suspended after seventeen reports of unacceptable behaviour. The university has initiated dismissal procedures.

Because of the “seriousness, nature and scale” of the signals, the Executive Board wants to dismiss the professor, reports university magazine DUB. The professor’s name was not mentioned.

Confidential advisors passed reports on the professor to the board last year. Then an independent commission conducted an investigation. It was not revealed exactly what happened. According to AD there There is no advertisement do to the police.

The chapter is part of a series on infringing behavior in science. Last October, Leiden Professor of Astronomy and Leuven Professor of Educational Sciences made the news.

But the theme plays out longer. Just before the summer, the scientific society KNAW issued an advisory on social safety approaches to science. The chair of the committee was the behavioral scientist Naomi Ellmers, also a university professor in Utrecht, whose professor has now been suspended.

“Problems don’t come out of nowhere,” Ellmers said last October. interview. “Every time you hear there is a pattern and it has been known for a long time.” She hoped that universities would reach a turning point. “We have to clean out the attic and sort things out that have been going on for years, but then we also have to look forward.”

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