USA ‘Off Road Event’ Keegan Swenson Lets Road to World Cup: ‘He’s Not Afraid of Anything or Anyone’

USA ‘Off Road Event’ Keegan Swenson Lets Road to World Cup: ‘He’s Not Afraid of Anything or Anyone’

The United States has turned demand into a virtue for the upcoming world cycling championships on the road. Many drivers were unable to travel to Wollongong for various reasons, so the choice was made to include a notable name in the selection: Keegan Swenson, who has been on the road for many years.

The 28-year-old Swenson has been incredibly angry at various off-road competitions this year. He won every major clay course he competed in: the Sea Otter, the Tusharril Crusher, the Leadville Trail 100 and the U.S. National Championships. He also got second place in unbound. As a result, he also gained the attention of the American Federation A press release Text and description.

“It’s very difficult to get a team for the World Cup this year,” the Americans say. Brandon McNulty (UAE-Team Emirates) and Quinn Simmons (Trek-Segafredo) have announced they will not ride after a difficult WorldTour season, while Matteo Jorgensen (Movistar), Kevin Vermaerke (Team DSM) and Sean Quinn (EF Education – EasyPost) To help their team in their fight against relegation. As a result, they could not travel to Australia.’

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The American Federation is expecting Swenson on the road

As a result, the association ended up with ‘off-road phenomenon’ Svensson, who is already attracting interest from several World Tour teams with his off-road performances. Brendan Quirk, CEO of USA Cycling, explains. “Our fishing pool has become much smaller than usual due to the struggle to stay on the WorldTour and the demanding travel to Australia. Luckily I’m a big fan of the concept Let no good crisis go to waste.’

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“That is why we decided with the selection committee to add Keegan to our team for the road race. “We know he has a World Tour bike and he’s not really afraid of anything or anyone,” said Quirk. “Keegan knows this is an opportunity for him to showcase his immense talent, and now he’s hip on the track to beat riders from other disciplines.”

Swenson woke up late Instagram You know he’s looking forward to the trip. As his own sponsor Santa Cruz does not have road bikes, he will finish the World Cup on Cervelo. “I am ready for the next journey. Ready to go’, referring to the mountain bike race he finishes in North America on Sunday, followed by the world championships on the road.

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