US Veterans Save Hundreds of Afghans in Secret Operation

US Veterans Save Hundreds of Afghans in Secret Operation

American veterans of Afghanistan have successfully transported hundreds of Afghan allies and their relatives to the airport after the fall of Kabul. These veterans did so voluntarily, writes the American ABC TV channel. Under a pledge of strict confidentiality, ABC reporters were allowed to view the secure chat room from which the operation was conducted.

proces Pineapple Express The Pineapple Express began on August 15 and was led by Lt. Col. Scott Mann, former commander of the US Commandos. Members of his group wanted to get a fellow Afghan who was wanted by the Taliban, and who was sure to be killed, at the Kabul airport. Afghani had more than ten years with America special forces They worked with each other.

The plan worked. With help from the US Army and the US Embassy, ​​the veterans were able to get their friend and six members of his family to safety.

small group

In the days that followed, the scope of the operation was expanded. As of Wednesday, 130 Afghan commandos, secret agents, aid workers and their relatives were directed in small groups by a guide through Taliban barricades around the airport.

Why was the situation around the airport so complicated? Watch it in this video:

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