US Supreme Court blocks inquiry into Capitol storming

US Supreme Court blocks inquiry into Capitol storming

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The US Supreme Court has temporarily denied the committee investigating the storming of the Capitol building access to the phone records of a confidant of former President Trump. It’s about Arizona Republican Party Chairman Kelly Ward.

The US Congressional Commission of Inquiry wants to examine incoming phone traffic in the lead-up to the storm. They consider a supporter of former President Trump a key player in the storming and occupation of Parliament on January 6 last year.

Ward had unsuccessfully challenged the commission’s request in several courts. She eventually went to the Supreme Court, where Judge Elena Kagan decided that the phone records did not need to be released at this time. Remarkably, Kagan is considered one of the progressive justices on the Supreme Court.

The researchers requested text message and incoming call data from November 1, 2020 to January 30, 2021. According to the commission, it has repeatedly tried to make the vote count in the presidential election more difficult.

Ward’s lawyers say the request for access violated the basic rights of party members who had contact with her at the time.

Trump summoned

The inquiry has summoned former President Trump himself, but it is expected that he will also not want to cooperate.

Last week, the commission said there was “compelling evidence” that Trump “managed” the day’s events by publishing a false accusation of widespread fraud in the presidential election two months ago.

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