US, Russia clash over Security Council over Ukraine biological weapons allegations |  Abroad

US, Russia clash over Security Council over Ukraine biological weapons allegations | Abroad

The US ambassador to the United Nations has categorically denied Russia’s allegations. Linda Thomas-Greenfield argued that Russia convened the Security Council only to spread propaganda and misinformation. “Ukraine has no biological weapons program. There are no US-funded Ukrainian biological weapons laboratories.

Thomas-Greenfield also criticized China for “spreading misinformation with their support for Russia’s outrageous claims.” The Chinese media frequently echoed the Russian allegations this week.


According to Izumi Nakamitsu, the UN High Commissioner for Disarmament, the UN has no indication of this type of laboratory. Ukraine has also refused. There are public health laboratories in Ukraine, said Thomas-Greenfield. These laboratories are needed to diagnose and research diseases and viruses such as Govit-19, and have been funded with US money for many years. Thomas-Greenfield said the United States does this “with pride and transparency.”

The Russian ambassador to the UN stressed the allegations being spread throughout the Russian media week. Vasily Nebenzya talked about “shocking facts”, but no evidence. He accused the United States of sponsoring and operating a network of biological weapons research projects. It takes place in thirty different laboratories in Ukraine.

Nebenzia says Ukraine wanted to transmit anthrax, cholera and plague to Russia through birds and bats. Ukraine is also said to have used its own people to test those biological weapons. “Ukraine has allowed their land to be turned into a biological laboratory, and its citizens are guinea pigs.”

‘False flag’

The White House has been warning since this week that Russia could plan a chemical or biological attack on Ukraine. It would be part of a ‘false flag’ operation in which the Russians themselves would launch an attack and then blame Ukraine or the United States. Ukrainian President Zhelensky also warned. “If you want to know what Russia’s plans are, you have to look at what they are blaming others for.”

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This is the eighth emergency meeting of the Security Council since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is Russia’s first request.

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