US economic investment nears after recent support from Democrats' pledges

US economic investment nears after recent support from Democrats’ pledges

The support of all Democratic senators would be needed to pass the plans through the Senate, where Democrats and Republicans each get 50 seats. All 50 Republican senators will vote against, but if the votes are tied, Vice President Kamala Harris can give a casting vote.

Before the conservative Democrat gave Cinemaa her approval, she wanted to change several points in the plan. As a result, it is not currently clear how much money is involved in these measures, although they will include investments amounting to several hundred billion dollars.

The Senate is likely to begin debating the multi-billion-dollar investment this weekend, which is seen as an alternative to US President Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” plan, which was called into question late last year because several Democratic senators failed to deliver. that. that. agree.

Biden calls the new plans, approved by all Democrats, “the largest investment in history to combat climate change” and says they will, among other things, create jobs in the United States and help lower energy costs for Americans.

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