'US deportation is a panic operation'

‘US deportation is a panic operation’

The Taliban are advancing rapidly in Afghanistan and occupying more and more territory. They are now claiming ownership of Kandahar’s second city. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is approaching. Meanwhile, the United States is removing diplomatic staff from Afghanistan.

According to the US State Department, this is not an exit, but a ‘public derailment’. Foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg says we need to understand that the United States is the quickest way to escape.

Everything is reminiscent of the period of closure in Vietnam in 1975, when the last sailors were called in to expel the embassy staff and eventually the ambassador. It doesn’t go that far now, I think there will be some embassy staff. ‘

An army of 3,000 people gathered on Thursday to complete the work. Within 48 hours they will be transferred to Afghanistan to evacuate or assist diplomats and others at risk. ‘Fortunately, there are Afghans here,’ says Hummelberg. “They’re the people we’ve been saying are allies, but we’re really suffocating. The Americans are very honest about it, and they’re trying to give many of those who worked for them the opportunity to leave the country.

Panic action

In addition, 600 Britons will soon land in Afghanistan, where they will help their people for the same reason. According to Hummelberg, evictions are acts of panic. ‘All sorts of scenes were created, but none of them worked. The Americans say extra troops will always be sent to any area where the last people are being evacuated, but that’s really a panicked act, ‘he says.

As happened in Vietnam, its own government was excluded from the talks between the United States and the Taliban in Qatar. The Afghan government is not involved, and is deeply saddened by the position of the Afghan armed forces. As soon as the Taliban show themselves somewhere, they surrender and lay down their arms. The official army is more widespread in terms of equipment than the Taliban, ‘says Hummelberg.

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