US Department of Justice Warns Texas: Floating Border Barriers Illegal |  outside

US Department of Justice Warns Texas: Floating Border Barriers Illegal | outside

The US Department of Justice warned Texas after the state erected floating barriers in the Rio Grande River that forms the border with Mexico. The department said the barriers are designed to stop immigrants in violation of federal law.

“The actions of the State of Texas violate federal law, raise humanitarian concerns, pose serious risks to public safety and the environment, and may interfere with the performance of official federal government duties,” the attorney general said in a letter to senior Texas officials.

According to the letter sent to Governor Greg Abbott and the interim attorney general of Texas, plastic floats that were placed in the river near the town of Eagle Pass earlier this month constitute an illegal obstruction. If Texas does not remove the large plastic handcuffs, legal action may follow.

In response to the Justice Department’s warning, Abbott tweeted on Friday that the state has the right to police the border with Mexico. “We’ll see you in court,” said the Texas governor.

Republican Abbott, who blames Democratic President Joe Biden for the situation at the border, has taken several steps in recent years to stop migrants from illegally crossing the border. For example, he deployed thousands of National Guard troops to guard the borders and sent immigrants by bus to other parts of the United States.

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