US bank wants to introduce crypto in its own app - BTC Direct

US bank wants to introduce crypto in its own app – BTC Direct

Imagine: you open an online banking application and you can buy cryptocurrencies instantly. This may soon become a reality in the United States. Bakkt, Digital Asset Manager, announced today that Manasquan Bank will participate in their early adapter programme. This means that once the software is activated, they will allow their customers to purchase cryptocurrencies through the bank.

Reliable and innovative bank

The bank’s assets in New Jersey, in the United States, amount to 2.7 billion dollars (2.4 billion euros). This way they make it easier for their customers to buy cryptocurrency using a few simple buttons. Then the bank app acts as a buying and selling platform. This way, customers can start using cryptocurrencies in an environment they are already familiar with. This is an accessible way for people to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency.

New financial possibilities

“We are focused on driving growth and providing new opportunities for our customers to participate in the digital economy,” said James Vaccaro, Chairman, President and CEO of Manasquan Bank.

“Our evolving partnership with Bakkt to deliver these new offerings and features comes at an exciting time as consumers continue to look for crypto assets as an option to acquire a cryptocurrency wallet, even if it is only in very small steps to get started, and without having to leave their existing and familiar banking environment.”

future economy

Also baked positive. They seem to see this as a logical and innovative step into the future. “Bakkt is proud to introduce new and innovative approaches to this economy, providing a pathway to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies as an extension of the consumer relationship with a trusted local bank,” said Sheila Zemlin, Head of Revenue at Bakkt.

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“This is a great opportunity to provide Manasquan Bank customers with an entry point to adopt cryptocurrency as an additional asset opportunity. Cryptocurrency is clearly the centerpiece of the Web3 economy, where consumers can participate in creating new value and exchange it with digital assets,” says Zemlin.

The PACT Early Program is likely to start in the second quarter of 2022. The Bank’s participation does not depend on the accreditation of the Bank’s financial service provider.

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