US and UK start space cooperation

The United Kingdom and the United States cooperate in commercial spaceflight activities. Grant Shapps, Britain’s transport minister, signed an agreement with fellow American Pete Buttigieg on the matter. The two ministers emphasized that cooperation would make organizing space flights easier and cheaper.

According to Schaps and Buttigieg, the agreement aims, among other things, to reduce bureaucracy, while also referring to cost savings and the avoidance of duplication of work.

Cornwall spaceport

Under the partnership, the two countries will cooperate in granting licenses for commercial launches, but the cooperation will also bring added value in the field of national defense, according to the ministers, while at the same time allowing the combined services of weather forecasting, television and radio. Transport.

Later this year from Cornwall spaceport The UK’s first missile launch is being carried out in the programme. Grant Shapps emphasized: “The agreement sends a clear signal that the UK is committed to becoming a European space hub.”

Seven British spaceports are currently under development. The space is already injecting billions of pounds into the UK economy, while also creating a large number of highly skilled jobs. The sector is also an important basis for innovative developments.”

remote communities

Shapps added it space port development It also opens up new opportunities for some of the country’s most remote communities. The UK will also become less dependent on foreign countries to launch and manage satellites.

“This agreement will accelerate cooperation between the two countries in all sectors of space,” Dan Hart, chief executive of British space company Virgin Orbit, said in response to the deal. He confirmed that the first launch later this year will bring satellites from both countries into orbit.

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Hart also noted that two years ago, space travel generated £16.5 billion in revenue in the UK and supported around 47,000 jobs. According to him, international cooperation will allow the sector to grow even more.

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