Unusually early heat wave in Spain: 'Summer eats spring' |  abroad

Unusually early heat wave in Spain: ‘Summer eats spring’ | abroad

Parts of Spain are experiencing an unusually early heat wave. The thermometer in the Andalusian city of Andujar showed 41 degrees this afternoon. Other southern cities also recorded record temperatures for the month of May.

Seville and Cordoba recorded 39 degrees. On the tourist island of Mallorca, the temperature reached 35 degrees. In large parts of southern and central Spain, temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees at night. It was the warmest in Jaen so far with nighttime temperatures of at least 26 degrees.

“Summer eats spring” Newspaper headlines El Pais About heat waves that start early each year. The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Spanish weather service as saying that the only logical explanation for this phenomenon is climate change.

People in southern Spain can only expect some relief next week. Then the maximum temperatures should be “only” about 30 degrees.

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cold brazil

Where the Spaniards shiver from the heat, the people of southern Brazil shiver because of the unusual cold. In the state of Santa Catarina, people woke up to a temperature of -5 degrees and a small layer of snow. In Rio de Janeiro, remarkably few people have ventured into the cold ocean, and in São Paulo, local authorities have opened metro stations to provide shelter for the homeless.

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Temperatures in Brazil began dropping earlier this week as tropical cyclone Yakikan – which later turned into a tropical storm – approached the country. It caused a cold snap that could last into Tuesday.

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