United States citizens defeated by 5 youths in a bar from West Nusa Tengara

KOMPAS.com – Five young men NDP Nicholas Dodd Badger has been named as a suspect in the beheading of an American man.

The harassment took place at a bar in the Gilly Air tourist area of ​​North Lombok Regency, said Combus Pol Hari Prata, director of criminal investigation at the NDP regional police.

“The mode is only a misunderstanding because they are both drunk, drunk, and then a friend of the victim makes a fuss with a Russian foreigner. But, when they want to interfere, the perpetrators are attacked by the perpetrators,” Harry said. In the middle, Thursday (5/2/2021).

JA (21), SA (23), SR (22), R.P. (20) and A.Z (24).

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According to him, as a result of the beating, the victim sustained serious injuries, i.e. tearing of the lower right lip, injuries to the right forehead.

Then, redness on the shoulders, blisters on the back of the head, redness on the right arm and back.

The victim, who did not accept the actions of the perpetrators, later reported the case to the NDP Regional Police.

“From the investigation, all five suspects are suspected of jointly assaulting an American foreigner. They are now listed as suspects in violation of Article 170 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Section 351 of the Criminal Code,” Harry said.

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The activities of the culprits were strengthened as CCTV camera footage was installed at the scene.

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“So the role of each of these actors has come to light from the results of the CCTV cameras at the scene,” Harry told Combas Pol Ordanto, NDP police’s public relations chief.

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