Unique Collaboration for Flag Day at Tabloo (Dessel)

Unique Collaboration for Flag Day at Tabloo (Dessel)

Everyone can experience a fun and informative science day at Tabloo. ©AF


On the occasion of Flag Day, the various Kempen organizations are joining forces to offer everyone a free, informative and informative visit to the Tableoo in Dessel on Sunday 27 November.

Anneliese Fredericks

Especially for Science Day, ONDRAF / NIRAS, SCK CEN, VITO, STORA and MONA are collaborating at Tabloo, the visitor center for radioactivity and radioactive waste in Dessel. Several experts will provide additional explanations at the science fair on Sunday, November 27. They will talk to visitors about the part of the exhibition that is most relevant to their area of ​​expertise. This is a unique opportunity to hear scientists from ONDRAF/NIRAS, VITO or SCK CEN talk about their passions and experiences or to hear from socially engaged citizens about how they experience the engaging process surrounding radioactive waste disposal. Exceptionally, the VITO Research Center will also be present with an interactive presentation.

Experts from ONDRAF / NIRAS, VITO and SCK CEN talk about their field. ©AF

In the interactive Tabloo Gallery, you will learn about radioactivity, radioactive waste and research in nuclear applications. Expoo shows the challenges ONDRAF/NIRAS faces and how it helps residents find solutions. You can try BigBang and descend, as it were, 225 meters from the HADES underground laboratory. In addition, there are many trials ready for testing. This way you can make alpha, beta and gamma radiation visible. Find out how you can 3D print on Mars and spot climate disasters with drones. For the youngest visitors, there is a small laboratory where they can try out experiments.

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