Umberto Tan after Albert Verlind's accusations: "Pure libel!"  |  stars

Umberto Tan after Albert Verlind’s accusations: “Pure libel!” | stars

Albert Verlinde accuses me of making inappropriate applications for “Every Woman I Want” during the run on RTL Late Night. What a cold! Pure slander,” Tan wrote on Twitter. After the broadcast, I thanked all the guests via the app: men and women. Nothing else to do with The Voice.”

The RTL presenter is considering legal action. The article continues below the video.

Saturday it became clear that Holland sound It will not be broadcast at this time due to reports of sexually abusive behavior and abuse of power. RTL and producer ITV have launched an independent investigation into the allegations.

Reporter Jordi Verstigden spoke with a number of those involved. One of them is Lake Van Lixmond, former Jeroen Rittbergen. The article continues below the video.

Band leader Jeroen Rittbergen later admitted that he had had relationships of a “sexual nature” with women participating in the show. vs the voice– Coach Ali B., was reported by a former candidate for the program. His colleague, coach Anouk, announced, through his account on the Instagram website, on Sunday, that he would leave the program.

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However, The Voice of Holland’s sexual riots have been played down on various programmes, as crime reporter John van den Heuvel noted to his astonishment.

In the video below, jury member Anouk announced that he will be discontinuing the programme.

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