‘Ultimate Beer’ is made based on data

‘Ultimate Beer’ is made based on data

Harlem Brewery has developed a beer in collaboration with Uiltje Amsterdam Data Science Lab. It is purely based on data. They have made ‘Ultimate Beer’ based on taste. ‘We came up with the idea of ​​making beer based on data during a drink. That was our starting point, “said Justin Afman, founder and owner of DataScience Labs.

Affman explains that eight lakh reviews were used in the research from various sites. ‘All of the criticism came from specific beer drinkers and later from the New England IPA.’ An algorithm was used to determine which characteristics and scores were reflected in the reviews. ‘This data was placed on a sample, resulting in a number of flavor variations.’

Taste variation

During the experiment, the Data Science Laboratory collaborated with the Uiltje distillery from Harlem. ‘We shared the results of our research with the brewery, and he mentioned his own explanation.’ According to Afman, the data show that beer should be fruity with apricot tones and coconut. Brewer saw what kind of hops in the beer could provide that flavor variation. He told me he used two new types of hops from the US to get that taste. Affman has already tasted the beer himself, and describes it as fruity, somewhat cheerful and cloudy. “It turned out to be a good beer,” he says. The data drive is available at Uiltje’s Webshop, a New England brewery.

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