Ulbert 390 Sport passed away at the age of 25

Ulbert 390 Sport passed away at the age of 25

Olbert 390 Sport photo: Iron Spring Farm

In America at Iron Spring Farms, KFPS stallion Ulbert 390 died at the age of 25.

Bred by Marcus Doller

Ulbert 390 was born in 1998 as Ulbe D., with D from his famous breeder Marcus Doller from Haulerwijk. He was the son of Sierk 326 by Ster Preferente Famke D. (Leffert 306), followed by Lady Spray Ster Preferent (Ritske 202 x Bouke 174), of sterling 128. The stallion was approved in 2001, at the age of three, with a score of 79, 7 points in His central exams, with 8 points for suitability as a driving horse.

At the age of nine, he moved to the United States

In 2007 he got his final nod, earning the title of the sport, after which he crossed over to Iron Spring Farm that same year, at the age of nine. Olbert 390 owner and rider Mary Alice Mallon said: “Olbert was a horse like no other. He was a fine, intelligent horse and an excellent dressage.” Together they raced and won – among other breeds – many Prix St. Georges in the United States. This made the Ulbert 390 one of the leading Friesian stallions that managed to stand out in dressage with results in excess of 70%.

Molly Moretz 437

Ulbert 390 has produced around 850 registered offspring, one being the successful KFPS studbook stallion Maurits 437 Sport, among others, Jurre 495, Eise 489, Markus 491 and Faust 523. Ulbert 390 also sired 5 Favorite mares, 1 Model mare, 3 Mares and Crown Testament, a 122-mart (47% steer), 15 Sporthorse and 2 Thoroughbred that has achieved an AAA rating.

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In 2021, another video was shot by Iron Spring Farm about the 22-year-old stallion.

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