Ukraine regains places, Russia sends additional troops

Ukraine regains places, Russia sends additional troops

The day before, Ukraine had already reported that it had retaken twenty places. “We are gradually conquering new places. We are bringing back the Ukrainian flag and everywhere protecting our citizens,” Zelensky said.

Experts said that Ukraine is recording great successes Yesterday against RTL News. In the south around Kherson, Ukrainian units had been gaining ground for about a week. This is now also happening in the area around the cities of Kharkiv and Izyum.

For the sake of battle, Russia sends additional troops to the region. Russian state media displays pictures of military vehicles moving towards the area. The vehicles bear the letter “Z”, the symbol of the Russian invasion.

A Russian deputy stated that there were fierce battles in the vicinity of the city of Balaklija. Ukraine said it recaptured that city on Thursday.

Troops approaching Kobyansk

“We have no control over Balaklija,” the Russian lawmaker said. “We are making efforts to expel the Ukrainian forces, but the fighting is fierce and our forces are retreating,” he added.

Ukrainian forces also regained control of the town of Kobyansk. According to military experts, the loss of that city would severely harm the Russians. Kupyansk is on important supply routes for the Russians.

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