Ukraine House of Representatives debates: ‘More sanctions and more difficult economic times’

Today the council discussed the situation in Ukraine. There have also been improvements in the sanctions sector, but both Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Foreign Minister Wobke Hogstra say these sanctions will be economically difficult for us in the Netherlands.

The unity of Europe

The debate began with Prime Minister Rudd’s statement and his call for stability and unity. According to political correspondent Leonard Peekman, it now seems to be heading in the right direction. Hoxstra praised Europe’s resilience and their mutual discovery of permit packages in such a short period of time. Sometimes we can not find each other about Europe, we think it is not useful, but it has become different now. Russia will be surprised too. ‘

Pegman says MP Sjoerd Sjoerdsma has already argued that it has been decided to personally hit Putin in the pocket. “There is already a long list of names that private oligarchs and advisers will personally touch, but Putin is not yet on that list. But in recent days, Europe and the United States have decided to do this anyway, which is a big step forward.

You ask too Rutte fights in statement against Russia

Create barriers step by step

People may wonder why this has not been done before, but foreign correspondent Bernard Hummelberg explains why it is so difficult to impose such a drastic ban. ‘As Hogstra always says, the reason is that you have to gradually impose sanctions. Otherwise, you will have nothing. But now it has been decided that Putin will be banned from traveling. Peekman finishes it. ‘This is also related to political relations. If Putin’s assets abroad are frozen and he is prevented from traveling, he can no longer negotiate. Then you cut off the whole diplomatic path, which is why it took so long. ‘

Peekman lists the latest developments in the debate. He begins by describing Hogstra’s strategy, which refers to ‘more’. Hoekstra says that we disable that permission package every time it is taken as everyone agrees. After that we will take the next step. According to Hoekstra, there are many more options on the table, including Russia closing the international payment system Swift.

Russian gas

“There is a call from the left to deal with Putin’s mob, but it is already being done by freezing assets. GroenLinks goes the extra mile and wants us to eliminate Russian gas and stop getting oil from Russia. Hoekstra indicates that it can and can accommodate, but not by other countries.It says we should take note.With us, the heater does not go out immediately, but it is in other countries.

Economically difficult period

In addition, according to Beekman, both Rutte and Hoekstra are very clear at a certain point. Peekman: The Netherlands will be hit hard economically. On top of the current inflation, both say prices will rise further due to sanctions against Russia. And compensation has not yet been discussed. As is often said, they are going to see it. It remains to be seen how this situation will turn out, and then how to offset the rise in prices will be discussed. ‘

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