UK issues fines for incorrectly opening your car door

UK issues fines for incorrectly opening your car door

In England, the Dutch Reach app is mandatory. If you don’t, you face a hefty fine of up to €1,200. That’s a lot of money you’d rather spend elsewhere. So pay attention to your next visit to the Queen, because you can’t forget this.


We all know those annoying cyclists. They don’t look forward to anything and always take priority. So accidents are inevitable. But what if you could prevent this? The English are fed up with the annual bike accidents. In 2020, the English had 16,294 bike accidents. We were a bit shocked by this too. There were almost 350,000 bike accidents in the Netherlands in 2020. This is of course completely bizarre. It’s time to put an end to this.

Dutch arrival

Fortunately, this hasn’t happened in the Netherlands yet, but you should still be aware of this procedure. The “Dutch Reach” is a procedure that is done while opening the car door. So get the idea of ​​the “Dutch oven” out of your head. The “Dutch Reach” technique involves opening the door with your farthest hand. Are you behind the wheel? Then you have to open the door with your right hand. When you do this, you have to reverse. Through this turn, you see cyclists or others approaching in traffic. This has saved some cyclists a bloody journey. Didn’t you learn this in your driving lessons? Then it would be smart to report it to your driving school, because England is now very strict. We have to admit that the chances of getting caught are very small, but from the size of the fine we can see how serious it is. The English aim to prevent around 500 accidents per year. They will probably succeed with this fine.

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