UK House of Commons: ‘Hydrogen is not a panacea for net zero emissions’

UK House of Commons: ‘Hydrogen is not a panacea for net zero emissions’

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee said in a report that while hydrogen gas “has many attractive properties, most of the evidence we have received shows that with current technologies it is not a panacea”.

Why is this important?

The British want to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. An increasing number of countries – incl Belgium The development of hydrogen technology is one of the most important ways to achieve these goals. However, there is still a (very) long way to go before the significant sustainable potential that the energy carrier has, according to some, is fully developed.

in the news: huge and realistic Transfer On the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, from some influential UK lawmakers.

conclusionHydrogen can play a role, albeit to a limited extent, as an energy carrier in specialized applications.

  • “As the UK moves towards a carbon-neutral economy, hydrogen is likely to play a defining but limited role in many sectors where other technologies – such as electricity and heating –

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