UK Government: Lockdown will likely be in effect until March

UK Government: Lockdown will likely be in effect until March

The UK’s third national lockdown will likely remain in effect at least until March. The British government reports this.

British Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove told Sky News on Tuesday that he hopes to start gradually lifting the crackdown in the UK in mid-February, but stressed that he cannot predict with certainty whether the easing will be effective at that time.

“ We cannot expect with certainty that we will be able to lift restrictions in the week of 15-22 (Feb, editor.). “We will do our best to ensure that the largest possible number of people are vaccinated so that we can gradually start lifting restrictions,” Gove told British News Channel.

“I think it is correct to say that we should be able to lift some of these restrictions by early March – but not necessarily all of them,” he added.

Third closing

To prevent further spread of the Coronavirus, the United Kingdom entered into strict lockdown again on Monday. Scotland decided earlier today to implement a strict lockdown. In addition, people are advised to stay home and are only allowed to leave their homes for necessities. Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared “the most difficult weeks yet”.

Schools also remained closed. Only caregivers’ children can still go there to receive care. Only those who cannot work from home are allowed to leave the house to go to work. It is allowed to exercise with one person from outside the family.

New variable

Boris Johnson addressed his residents on Monday, “It is alarming to see the speed at which the new type of virus is spreading.” This variant appears to be much more contagious. The number of deaths has increased by 20 percent in recent weeks, and that number will continue to rise.

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