UK and South Africa flight ban lifted for travelers with negative tests

UK and South Africa flight ban lifted for travelers with negative tests

The flight ban for passengers from South Africa and the flight and docking ban for travelers from the UK ended at midnight. All passengers from these countries must submit a negative coronavirus test before commencing the flight.

Airlines and shipping companies operating from these countries to the Netherlands are obligated to screen passengers for a negative PCR test result before boarding. This must not exceed 72 hours upon arrival in the Netherlands. A passenger is not allowed to board the plane without a test result.

Thus, the flight ban that came into effect on December 20 will be removed from these countries. This came into effect after it became known that the number of infections in the UK and South Africa had risen due to a new type of coronavirus.

UK and France borders

Traffic between the UK and France is also back on track. Air and rail traffic through the Channel Tunnel and ferry crossings have resumed since midnight for essential travel. Freight traffic between the two countries will also be allowed again from today. The reopening follows a call by the European Commission to allow essential trade and passenger traffic.

Travelers to the Netherlands are urgently advised to go into a home quarantine for ten days. Security zones perform random checks upon access to a negative test statement.

The government has also decided that a negative PCR test will also be mandatory as soon as possible for citizens who come to the Netherlands from other countries. This requirement also applies to Dutch and other EU citizens. Citizens who do not come from the European Union are obligated to do so since December 15.

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