Uber launches grocery service across the United States

Uber launches grocery service across the United States

Americans in more than 400 major cities can deliver their daily groceries to their home by Uber car or bicycle. This is the result of an expansion of cooperation between the carrier and the supermarket team Albertson.

Achievable, annual collaboration Comprehensive To the most populous cities in the United States, including Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, New York City, and Washington D.C. Uber customers can order groceries from over 1,200 branches, including Albertson, Safeway, Jewel-Asko, Acme, Tom Thumb and Randall.

Grocery distribution became an important part of Uber’s business last year. The taxi trade was at a low pace, on the other hand, Eats grew tens of thousands of percent. The unfilled transport capacity was used to keep people away from groceries. The results now lead to an expansion of collaboration with Albertson.

Different dynamics are visible in Europe. Here, too, groceries ordered via the Internet have actually been launched since 2020. New services such as Gorillas, Kedir and Fling are now emerging in the arc waves of supermarkets. However, these stores do not have their own branches, but are delivered from warehouses in central locations.

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