U.S. Reporter Michael Persson on Biden's speech: 'P.

U.S. Reporter Michael Persson on Biden’s speech: ‘P.

‘This country is the best gift for a journalist’

“I wasn’t immediately interested in moving to New York,” Anne von Trail admits. “As head of art teachers, I got a great job at de Volskrant.”

Michael Berson: “In theory she was allowed to say ‘no’, but from a professional or romantic point of view it was almost impossible for her to refuse when I got the chance to be a reporter in the United States. “

“The moment I went to Brooklyn to see if we wanted to settle down, I knew: this city, this country is the best gift for a journalist,” says Anne. “All you have to do is throw your stick. People are storytellers. If I give up the idea of ​​saying no, I’m sorry.” He eventually became a freelance reporter.


The young family moved to New York six years ago. Two months before Trump ran in the election. “During my job interview, my leader said the election was not going to be pretty during the Obama uprising. The expectation was a fight between Bush and Clinton, families we already know, but it turned out very differently,” Michael says.

“You have to give an eye to the class under Trump,” he continues. “He wanted more money for public goods and understood America’s need first. He saw it very well.

Anne: “Trump identified the weak points in society. He portrayed the United States as a great world power. It was very revolutionary. The analysis was correct, but he never began to solve the problem.

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