Two dead in New York due to a winter storm: almost two meters of snow

Two dead in New York due to a winter storm: almost two meters of snow

The two people died, according to the authorities, of a heart attack while clearing snow in one of the hardest-hit areas.

The huge amount of snow is caused by the so-called warm water effect. This weather phenomenon occurs when cold air passes over relatively warm water, says meteorologist Leander de Wit of Buienradar. “This then creates clouds from which heavy snow and heavy rain can develop.”

There are no travel options

depending on the difference American media It is almost impossible to travel in these conditions. Flights have been canceled and it’s snowing under the snow. There is hardly any visibility and the authorities are advising residents to stay indoors. In some places, travel bans are even in effect.

The so-called storm chasers in the United States have traveled to the hardest hit areas. You can see his findings in the video below:

The western part of New York state was particularly hard hit by the snowfall. Buffalo’s mayor told CNN that although his city is used to large amounts of snow, it’s more than usual.

The storm is expected to continue through at least Sunday.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said at a press conference that she expects to break a record in her state. “Currently there is 15cm an hour. That could mean we can record the biggest snowpack ever in one day.” The federal government has been asked to declare a state of emergency.

88 incidents

Hochul also said that in Hamburg, south of Buffalo, the roof of a bowling alley partially collapsed due to the snow load. As far as we know, there were no injuries. Many residents of the area have heeded the call to stay in their homes.

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However, so far 88 car accidents have been reported in the hardest hit area and 280 people have been brought to safety so far by rescue services.

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