Twitter boss Elon Musk suffers from extreme burnout: ‘I’m working hard’

Twitter boss Elon Musk suffers from extreme burnout: ‘I’m working hard’

The billionaire spoke at the B20 business conference. It was not physically present in Indonesia. This is because he has to file a response in court in the United States this week against the $1 billion reward he receives as chairman of Tesla.

Elon recently became the “Chief Twit” on Twitter. His unique leadership style has already cost about half of the tech company’s employees their jobs, though he has reversed some of those layoffs. Twitter’s work-from-home policy has also been revoked.

This isn’t the first time Elon has opposed telecommuting. Tesla employees have been told they will likely “pretend to work elsewhere” if they want to work from home. Elon himself has also been known to sleep on the job, or even on the factory floor.

How much Elon works was the most recurring topic in Monday’s sometimes silent conversation on B20. It was made more surreal due to Elon’s dark background and poor lighting. Wearing an Indonesian batik shirt sent to him by regulators, the billionaire said the electricity was cut off at his residence.

Elon currently leads Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX. He also founded the tunneling company, The Boring Company, and the technology company, Neuralink. The richest person in the world said, “How I torture myself is next level, honestly.”

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