Twins of Gold: Vedder & Vedder's jewelry twins have their own chain on Videoland |  a job

Twins of Gold: Vedder & Vedder’s jewelry twins have their own chain on Videoland | a job

“Two Nijkerk girls in a 7-star hotel,” Anne said as she looked at her sister Esther in her hotel room at Le Crillon in Paris. They almost have to pressure each other, it’s a dream to be able to design jewelry for star Rita Ora. On the hotel bed, they look at the jewelry they want to show the star the next day. It’s the beginning of the three-part documentary Twins of gold.

The series traces the sisters from the moment they contact singer Rita Ora and delves deeper into their past, including regular visits to Nijkerk. The result is a document about the path they took towards a successful business. Ann: Someone at RTL4 heard that we were going to design jewelry for Rita Ora and then asked if they could follow us for a documentary about our lives. Things went really fast, before we even knew we were in Paris.”

The makers of the series filmed the twins in a private setting and at work in Amsterdam. Ann: It was very normal things, like the moments we exercise and go shopping, but she also follows us when we take a picture with our mom. We also didn’t want to pretend we were anything other than ourselves, we also put together funny faces, something we would never, ever do on Instagram. We really want to show our lives.”

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