Twenty's "hilarious" friends ask for € 135 for an old breakfast at Bed & Breakfast |  Turns out

Twenty’s “hilarious” friends ask for € 135 for an old breakfast at Bed & Breakfast | Turns out

Last night, over 1.4 million people saw how Ruby and Mike Twente’s friends conquered the hearts of other pensioners in Bed and breakfast. They lovingly paid around € 180 for a night’s sleep, much to the surprise of many Twitter viewers. After all, for this money, guests did not really get a fresh breakfast.

Cheerful Robbie and close friend Mikey have run the bed and breakfast in its ensemble since last summer, and it consists of a former circus wagon and a comfortable furnished trailer.

It was a luxury for NPO 1 participants to be able to see the duo at all, because their company is usually “contactless”. After all, the beloved pair doesn’t live next door to cars and basically keeps contacting guests via email.

They usually have to pay € 135 per two people per night for their stay. If they also want to use the sauna or jacuzzi, then 50 euros will be added. On Twitter where the program is coming soon Popular topic Many viewers did not know what to hear. 135 euros? Not 135 years later, someone joked, for example.

Breakfast is ready

Viewers believed that for such an amount you can expect a fresh breakfast from the farm, but this hope turned out to be in vain. The bed and breakfast is a side business of good friends, who also have a busy family life and other job. So breakfast was already in the fridge with the trailers the day before.

It was a little impersonal, but that didn’t really bother their guests. Certainly not in Corona time, as pointed out by Zandra, who herself set up a bed and breakfast with her son Klas. Just like other guests and residents Pierre and Anke, they almost forgot that they were on a TV show thanks to the adorable family. Ruby and Mike were also appreciated. “They have a very high energy,” said Pierre. “They are fun girls.”

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Zandra held the knob in her hands as she opened the refrigerator. © NPO


Unlike Twitter, criticism in broadcasts has been minimal. Xandra recommended the dehumidifier, as she could not open the refrigerator due to the wood stretching and holding the door handle in her hands.

Pierre would have preferred the Jacuzzi upside down, as he is now sitting with his back to the garden, with a disappointing view of a wooden parapet.

Pierre was sorry he had looked over a wooden partition in the Jacuzzi.

Pierre was sorry he had looked over a wooden partition in the Jacuzzi. © NPO

The atmosphere remained great, even when prefects had to be drawn, and participants identified the value they believed their stay was worth.

Anneke and Pierre paid the asking price and Zandra and Classes a little more, bringing Robbie and Mike up to 105 percent of the bill. Xandra and Klaas had to settle for 103%, while Anneke and Pierre won the ring for at least 110% of asking price.

Second place

With 1.4 million viewers Bed and breakfast In second place in the list of most watched programs from Stichting KijkOnderzoek yesterday. He. She NOS News At 8 pm, as always, it was the most watched program for the day (2.1 million viewers on NPO 1).

The Voice Kids On RTL 4, which is in which 13-year-old Lilia It made a big impression On coaches, it attracted 1.3 million interested parties. Talk show LoverIn which the presenter idiot Jokes about France Bauer and Marc Marie Hoogebregts House of Guus Meeuwis, Also attracted over 1.3 million viewers.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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