Twenty tornadoes leave trail of devastation across Texas |  Abroad

Twenty tornadoes leave trail of devastation across Texas | Abroad

The damage is significant in Texas and southern Oklahoma, which were on the path to a series of hurricanes yesterday. Homes were destroyed, leaving only a few commercial buildings. The roof of a school in Jacksboro, Texas, was torn off. Tens of thousands of Americans were without electricity.

Traffic was also seriously affected by the severe weather conditions. The footage shows a red pickup truck driving among the flying debris. Miraculously, the car ends up on four wheels again, after which the driver continues to drive.

J.D. Harkins, 59, who lives in Elgin, Texas, told the Associated Press that he saw a tornado pass through his home and that he hadn’t seen anyone in his hometown since 1980. “There was a barn there,” he says, pointing to a plot of land. littered with debris. When the hurricane passed, no one was in the building, and all his family members were unharmed.

Hurricanes happen because of the so-called super cellsVery severe thunderstorms with an upward current. They are the most severe thunderstorms on Earth, explains Weerplaza. Hurricane season has just begun in the United States. It usually lasts from March to June. Early in the season, hurricanes are in the south and then move north.

The misery is not over yet. Even today, extreme weather can cause a lot of inconvenience and damage in the southern United States, most likely especially in Louisiana and Mississippi. The National Weather Service warned on Twitter that hurricanes could be accompanied by heavy rain and flooding.

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