Twenty companies to Twente thanks to money and help from East NL |  sing it

Twenty companies to Twente thanks to money and help from East NL | sing it

ENSCHEDE – With the help of developer Oost NL, a large number of new companies established themselves in Twente last year. Others were able to invest in business expansion with the help of Oost NL. In all, about two dozen companies have been helped in this way: more than 40 percent more than they were in 2020.

These companies are expected to jointly invest an estimated €85 million in the region in the coming years. Oost NL operates with funds from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the counties of Overijssel and Gelderland. In all, Oost NL helped attract sixty new companies to Gelderland and Overijssel with venture capital.

515 new job opportunities

Investments made with funds from Oost NL 515 are expected to create new business opportunities in Twente within a few years. More than a third of the investment projects involved research and development sites.

Innovation Race to Enschede

An example of such an R&D site is the arrival of the Belgian e-health specialist Innovation Sprint at Kennispark in Enschede. This company develops digital health solutions using big data, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The United States was by far the largest foreign investor in eastern Holland, followed by Japan and the United Kingdom.

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