Turns out the best friend is a toon stalker: “He’ll come”

Turns out the best friend is a toon stalker: “He’ll come”

Ton has enlisted the help of Thijs Zeeman, because he has been stalked by a mysterious stalker for years: “Someone is always looking over my shoulder”. The idea of ​​someone watching and listening is too scary for Toon: “She also says on an app that she’s watching me.” He has no idea who his stalker might be. All he knows is that the chase begins after he contacts a woman via a dating app.

Thess and his team launch an investigation, and then it turns out that Ton is not the only victim: “My life seems like hell,” says Silvia, an acquaintance of Ton’s. She, too, is harassed daily by the stalker, but it doesn’t stop there: “Even my sister got a message: ‘Your sister is a bitch.'” Silvia’s daughter also threatens to kill: “The stalker said I have to say goodbye, because it might be the last time I see my mother.” says Silvia’s daughter.

It is a big task for Thijs’ team to discover the identity of the stalker, because thousands of incoming messages are sent by hundreds of different phone numbers. But in the end, after a year and a half, they succeed in discovering the true nature of the stalker: “We have proven one hundred percent that Lonneke is your stalker.” When Toon hears this message, he can’t believe his ears. After all, Lonneke is one of his best friends: “So, he’ll be coming over for a while,” Ton says in amazement.

Fortunately, he is immediately ready to take part in the confrontation and helps the team Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers To put the plan into action: “We can arrange that today.” Lonneke meets at a restaurant, where Thijs addresses her directly: “Do you know you’re a stalker?” Lonneke asks. To which Lonneke immediately denies and pretends to know nothing: “No, it’s not just me.”

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When Thys questions her further, she decides to tell her story honestly: “It got out of hand.” But Ton can’t just forgive her: “You’re only threatening children. What’s on your mind now?” Why did Lonneke torture her victims for so long? She wanted to know if more than just friendship could develop between her and Ton: “I didn’t have any bad intentions.”

For its victims, it’s a relief that they finally know who’s been harassing them all these years: “I’m glad it was resolved, but I actually wasn’t happy with the outcome,” Ton says. Thijs especially hopes that Lonneke will seek help for herself, as such behavior is unhealthy.

Sailor Confrontation: The Stalkers It can be seen every Tuesday at 8:30pm RTL 5.

Curious how things are going in this case? Thijs Zeeman provides an update in the video below.

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