Turks parachute into Greece, possible flight attempt

Turks parachute into Greece, possible flight attempt

Two men flew to Greece from Turkey in a motorized glider. Near the Greek island of Evia, they drowned in the sea because they ran out of fuel.

Greek media write that it is about police officers. They are said to have informed the Greek coast guard that they are political opponents and that they intend to apply for asylum.

The men, aged between 32 and 33, were taken to Evia Hospital. Coastguard Reports They were arrested because they entered Greece illegally and did not have the correct travel documents.

According to the coast guard, the two left near the Turkish port city of Izmir on Saturday and were heading to Athens. After that, they would like to travel to another European country.

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since failed coup In 2016, countless Turks fled the country and sought political asylum in Greece or another European country. Greece will not extradite these people to Turkey.

A good example is the trip of eight Turkish soldiers who traveled to Greece by helicopter. The Supreme Court ruled not to return them to Turkey.

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